Our Contacts

Address: Schmiedberg 6, 86152 Augsburg, Germany
Tel: 49-176-777-77712 (Germany)
Tel: 971-4-421-6898 (Dubai)


The subsidiary companies within Company give strong emphasis in employing and developing by providing necessary training and guidance to enhance their competences and become productive for the company.

During the past few years, Company continued to grow and today employ more than 100 people across more than 5 countries. This was against a background of increases in the number of projects in the oil and gas services sector, growth of the exploration and production sector, building of mining operations to go into production as well as growth in manufacturing, which included mergers and acquisitions. Aggressive recruitment continued although attraction of experienced expatriate employees was a major challenge.

In response, the total remuneration package was benchmarked and reviewed compared to peer group of companies in the relevant sectors a view to further improve the total remuneration package and maintain our competitiveness. Performance linked bonuses were also introduced as part of variable pay.