Our Contacts

Address: Schmiedberg 6, 86152 Augsburg, Germany
Tel: 49-176-777-77712 (Germany)
Tel: 971-4-421-6898 (Dubai)


Our People

AKA Petroleum places strong emphasis on its human resources and seeks to attract, develop and retain motivated people who demonstrate professional competence and integrity in performing their jobs. We provide our employees with the necessary policies, guidelines and standards to raise their awareness of what is expected of them and the relevant training and development programs to prepare them for increased responsibilities and leadership roles.

A Company with Multi Culture Work Force

AKA Petroleum believes that it can contribute to the socio-economic development of the place of operation by making investment in the development of the local workforce. Subsidiary companies of AKA Petroleum operating in various parts of the world employ local talent and expertise, and maintain a healthy mix between the nationals and expatriates. The Company believes in making investment in its areas of operations and by employing and developing nationals to take up leadership and managerial roles. Expatriates working with the Company are experienced professionals and skilled technicians who are expected to coach, develop and mentor the nationals to be future business leaders and competent technical professionals.

Training and Development

Subsidiary companies of AKA Petroleum support people who wish to learn, develop and grow with the Company. We promote a self-learning and development culture and utilize functional, leadership and behavioral competency frameworks to assess and develop staff competencies and capabilities.

We provide a holistic training to the new recruits, fresh from academic institutions, through a well structured on and off-the-job training programs delivered by both internal and external resources, and coached by competent managers and technical professionals. Experienced personnel joining the company are encouraged to join an induction program and depending on their competence levels, relevant training programs are provided to close the competency gaps identified.

Employees with leadership potential are further developed and groomed to become effective leaders by developing their leadership competencies through the appropriate training, work exposure, self-learning, coaching and a succession plan which will enable them to assume suitable leadership roles over time.