Our Contacts

Address: Schmiedberg 6, 86152 Augsburg, Germany
Tel: 49-176-777-77712 (Germany)
Tel: 971-4-421-6898 (Dubai)


Our People

AKA Petroleum gives utmost importance to its human capital. It places strong emphasis on the management and development of its human resources and seeks to attract, develop and retain motivated people who demonstrate professional competence and integrity in performing their jobs.

AKA Petroleum provides its employees with the necessary policies, guidelines and standards to raise their awareness of what is expected of them and the relevant training and development programs to prepare them for increased responsibilities and leadership roles.

AKA Petroleumwith Multi Culture Work Force

AKA Petroleum believes that it can effectively contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities where it operates by investing in the development of local workforce. The subsidiary companies of AKA Petroleum operating in various parts of the world employ local talent and expertise, and maintain a healthy mix between the nationals and expatriates. 

Career Opportunities

As a multi-national conglomerate involved in drilling and oilfield services, the exploration and production of oil and gas, investments and engineering, manufacturing and trading, and mining and processing of minerals, Company offers a variety of jobs in different fields such as Petroleum Engineering, Mining, Geology, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Drilling, HSE, Contracts and Procurement and much more. The Company offers both challenging and exciting careers to its employees and provides ample opportunities for individuals to succeed and excel in their chosen profession and field of expertise.

Company offers a highly competitive compensation and benefits package to its employees. These packages are designed to attract and retain the skills, expertise and competencies of people who are employed in the respective areas of operations, and from across the region and the world. The compensation which employees receive consists of a base salary plus other relevant non-cash benefits which are at par with what the industry and market pays, and which are designed to provide individuals with the incentive to accept and remain on the Company’s employment. 


We strongly believe that the success of our business is in our people. We recruit experienced and qualified personnel in all disciplines associated with our services, and develop our workforce by training and developing them to the highest industry standards to enable them to deliver the best possible services to our valued clients. We, as a group, provide career advancement and self-development opportunities to our people and have competency assessment systems in place to assess the capabilities of our workforce, train and develop them in areas required by the business.