Our Contacts

Address: Schmiedberg 6, 86152 Augsburg, Germany
Tel: 49-176-777-77712 (Germany)
Tel: 971-4-421-6898 (Dubai)


AKA Petroleum is a conglomerate with its strong business positions in Natural Gas Liquefaction, Pipelines and Oil Storage industries.

Recently, management of AKA Petroleum had taken significant steps to enter into oil and gas sector in People’s Republic of China and around the world. Particularly, via subsidiary company in P.R. of China, Shenzhen Sahe Investment Co. (100% owned by AKA Petroleum), in the year 2013, had invested more than 38 million USD for inner Mongolia LNG plant with production capacity of 300.000 cubic meter natural gas per day. At the end of 2013, Shenzhen Sahe Investment Co. formed a joint venture partnership with Anhui Natural Gas Company to build 210 kilometer long pipeline in Xuancheng-Ninguo-Huangshan. Working pressure of the pipeline was 6.4 Mpa, with transfer capacity of 2.35 billion cubic meter per year. Total investment into this particular project was 750 million yuan (125 million USD).

In addition, this year Shenzhen Sahe Investment Co. is finalizing the deal to invest in a LNG plant located in Dingyuan city Anhui Provence, production capacity of which would be 300,000 cubic meters natural gas per day. The total investment planned is 240 million yuan (40 million USD).

To be a global player in providing integrated oil and gas well engineering services and exploring and producing oil, gas and mineral resources responsibly and cost effectively.
To achieve global eminence in the energy and mining industries and to be a partner of choice to our stakeholders in our chosen areas of expertise.

Corporate Values

  • To implement modern best practices responsibly and cost effectively.
  • To provide reliable quality services at a competitive price.
  • Health, safety and environment excellence.
  • To be at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Continuous performance improvement.
  • To sustain growth and corporate success.
  • Respect values and expectations of all stakeholders.
  • To provide opportunities for the growth and self-development of employees.